Playground at Boat Ramp

We have several parks and lakes for our active members to enjoy as well as a boat ramp for those who need access to Lake Conroe.

Please keep our lakes and parks clean for the enjoyment of all.  Please note that our parks are open dawn to dusk and fishing in our lakes is Catch and Release.  Also note that the community is not responsible for any injury or loss while using them.  We recommend that children are supervised at all times while playing in the parks or lakes.

The Boat Ramp is located on Hunting Tower Run near the end of Shawnee.  To use the boat ramp (and all our parks and lakes) you must be an active member.  The boat ramp also requires your boat ramp pass to be displayed in your window.  Any unauthorized vehicles, including those with without a valid pass displayed in the window may be towed at the owners expense.  Please remember to bring and display your pass.  The boat ramp provides access to Lake Conroe for fishing and boating activities.

Little Lake Conroe is our big lake where the Community Building is located has three parks.  One at each end of the dam and a third where you’ll find a small island.

–  The Community Center is on Navajo and the 105.  This is where our association board meetings are held each month.   The Community Center is available for rental.

– The small park across from the Community Center on Comanche also has a picnic table and is the perfect place to watch the wildlife and enjoy the serenity of Lake Conroe Forest.

–  Another small park on Comanche has a small island on the shallow end of the lake. Here you can bird watch and enjoy the view of the water.

Rushing Springs Lake has four parks and is generally known as the swimming lake.

–  The first is located on St Lawrence River.

–  The duck island is a special place on Deep River Dr.  Feeding the ducks is especially fun for children, but please remember to take trash with you.  Leaving plastic bread bags behind pollutes the lake and makes the home for our ducks unsafe.

–  Another lovely park sits at the end of Rushing Springs Lake on Cedar.  It is a wonderful place to sit and watch the wild life.

–  Our fourth park on Rushing Springs is next door to the Boy Scout’s meetup building.  It also a great place to watch the wild life.  

Hickory Lake has two small but lovely parks and is known as the fishing hole.  It is quiet and serene.

–  The parks are located on either side of the dam.  The first is on Crystal River and has an table for picnics.

–  The second park on Yellowstone River has a picnic table.